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“Activities within Dynamics can cover lots of instances – there are items you can set in Dynamics or Outlook to remind you of a key date, meeting that you need to do / attend. You can also use activities to record information such as phone calls or letters sent / received from the client.
Tasks, Activites, Approvals, Meetings and appointments are all core activities that you can do against ALL items in Dynamics. This allows you to create targeted information against each specific item / entity / record in Dynamics.

The benefit of creating information here rather that in Outlook is that all users of Dynamics will be able to see the information and therefore have complete exposure to the current situation.
 View all your outstanding activities in the webView all your outstanding activities in OutlookView all your outstanding activities on a corporate Blackberry
When you have opened the entity in Dynamics the actions will be the same. The links below will show you one method toperformthese actions.Attach a FileAdd a NoteCreate and Edit TasksCreate an E-mailCreate a Phone CallCreate a LetterCreate a FaxCreate an AppointmentCreate a Recurring AppointmentCreate a Mail MergeCreate a Campaign ResponseCreate a Trip Report
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