Customer address data that isn’t verified against an up-to-date, reputable source will always lead to some inaccuracies when it’s captured by your organisation. Capturing incorrect addresses inevitably means higher costs and lower ROI: more returns, undelivered mail, abandoned online shopping transactions and frustrated customers who may not become repeat customers.

To get the best return on your valuable customer address data, it’s essential it’s validated and accurate from day one; you need to verify addresses at the point of entry against the 31.9 million business and residential addresses that exist in the UK.

This is why we have partnered with Hopewiser to offer address validation in your CRM. Visit their website here.  You’ll be able to quickly capture an accurate and complete address from either a postcode or partial address within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Their address validation is powered by the Royal Mail Postcode Address File which is updated daily.

Additional datasets are also available to extend your capabilities. For example, Multiple Residence data, Companies House, and Not Yet Built.