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Cost-effective Microsoft Licensing for Students

Heading off to university? Have you recently graduated? If so, you might need to check your Microsoft license! Our student licensing is here to help.

All of the programmes you use(d) to complete your degree (such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more) need a Microsoft License to work. Whilst this may have previously been provided by your institution, (or your parents!), you’ll likely need to purchase a license to continue using the applications as normal.

At D365 Life Without Code, we’re offering students and recent graduates lower rates on their Microsoft Licenses as we appreciate things can be challenging during these years.

What’s included?

Microsoft Licenses offer more than just Word and Excel. They open up doors to collaborative opportunities through Teams and more! The license packages we offer are Microsoft’s 365 Business Basic and Business Standard. Below, you can see what each of these include in their monthly price.

Microsoft Business Basic products

Microsoft 365 Business Basic:


Microsoft Business Standard Products

Microsoft 365 Business Standard:

Publisher (PC Only)
Access (PC Only

Our prices

Did you know that partner companies such as D365 Life Without Code are able to offer you all of this at a better rate than others? This is because we are a certified Microsoft Partner! As a recognised partner, Microsoft sell to us at a lower rate than they do to the general public. We are then able to share these savings with our customers, saving you a little bit of money.

Microsoft’s Price:

Our Price:

Business Basic



Business Standard



*All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Though it might not seem like an awful lot at first, at D365 we know and appreciate how every single penny matters when you’re just leaving education or are still studying. In a year, you could save yourself the cost of one month’s license with our Business Basic offer in comparison to Microsoft! We want to offer everyone access the tools which will help them to succeed, and at such a cost effective rate, can you afford not to give yourself this boost?

Who’s eligible?

To be eligible for the student pricing then you must either be a student or recent graduate (within six months of leaving education). Simply fill in the sign up form and provide us with a screenshot or file that shows your education institute!

Contact us

If you would like to hear more about our licensing deals for students or have a query, you can get in contact via the company phone 02081678365 or email us at

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