When was your last license review?

Why should you have a license review? Well there are many reasons if you haven’t had one for a while and the most common reason could be to save you money! As a Microsoft Partner and a Dynamics Consultancy we are experts in Dynamics Licenses (and their continual changes) but, as an organisation we are also Microsoft Office users and know a thing or too about those license as well.

Its been interesting working with some of our customers asking them a simple word. Why?

When asked “Why did you choose the most expensive License?” the answer was simply that the advert described it as being ideal for their size business so they thought they needed it. When we did a little analysis they were not using any of the additional features that license gave, in fact on face value they weren’t using all the features of the license we moved to but, we came up with a transition plan.

Move them down to this lower value license and then review that everything still worked for them. In another 3 – 6 months review again.

The end result of this review was saving the client £100 a year per license. It may not sound like a great amount but it soon adds up.

Let me ask you the following questions.

  • When was the last time you had a license review?
  • How many users do you have?
  • Do they all do exactly the same thing on the computer?
  • How many license types do you have?
  • Do they use all the features you pay for?

We believe that asking these questions on a 6 monthly / yearly basis is something we should be providing to our customers. So, if you are looking to change you license provider, or move away from directly purchasing licenses from Microsoft, why don’t you book in for a License review to kick off your transition to us.

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