Where are you on your Dynamics journey?
Where are you on your Dynamics journey?

Where are you on your Dynamics journey? Depending on where you are you will need different support from us. Getting started, migrating CRM or changing partners all have their own requirements and associated costs. Whatever stage you are we would like to speak with you to discuss how we can work with and support you on your journey.

New to a CRM system

New to a CRM system
New to a CRM system

You don’t have any formal CRM system and you have information in different spreadsheets or your Sales team keep everything in there own books.

We can help you Get Started with one of our fixed priced packages.

We can help you identify what data you hold (and where it it). Organise how the data will be in Dynamics. Create bespoke fields so that all your unique fields are there. Create a simplified interface for your users. Provide training so the new system is embedded and your users are confidant using it.

Moving to your first CRM system can be scary so we try to take that fear away and step you through the process in a way that works for you.

We provide you with your Get Started Manual so you can document your needs and understand what you will need to do and how everything will flow / work. We are there to support you but, successful implementations are when you take the ownership of your data requirements and we build the system to support them.

Migrate to Dynamics

Migrate to Dynamics from your current system
Migrate to Dynamics from your current system

If you currently have a CRM system whether it is in house developed in access or SQL or a commercial system such as Act or Salesforce we can help you migrate across.

Why not start of with a half or full day discovery? we look at your system and your objective and write up a report. No strings or obligations to continue with us but a thorough analysis from professionals with impartial advice.

Depending on build you need we may be able to cover you with a get started package for the build. However if it is more complex the time bundles may be a better fit.

What ever approach you choose we work with you to get everything up and running. We can even help with data cleansing and imports.

Think of us as an extension to your own team with different skills to help you achieve your end result.

Move to D365 Life Without Code

Move to D365 Life Without Code for Support, Licenses or Solutions

So you already have Dynamics so what could we offer you? In short we would like to become your geeky friends. We are here to support you with bugs, tweaks, upgrades and training.

We run a public monthly subscription training for End users, Super Users and Trainers. If you want something bespoke to you why don’t you set up a monthly Tips and Tricks with us and your key users. This would be covered with some of our Time Bundles.

If you need some help with a few key tweaks then maybe the guided support programme is for you.

For simplicity most items can be covered in our time bundles. If we are also providing your licenses you will find costs get reduced (who doesn’t want to save money)! Keep an eye on our news page for special offers and sign up to D365 Byte Sized. Our offers are open to existing customers as well as new.

We want to be on your Dynamics journey with you every step of the way. It is as import for us to provide a first class service to our existing customers as well as bring in new customers.

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