Byte Sized Stables – Easy Stable Management

Stable Benefits

Byte Sized Stables – Easy Stable Management is our own custom built software solution for a Stable or Livery to manage their yard.

The system was designed in collaboration with local stables.

Following feedback, our system also has the option to allow your animal owner access to their records.

Byte Sized Stables – Easy Stable Management

Using PowerApps, we created the Byte Size Stables system. So, for a fixed monthly cost, you get the following:

  • Customer database (1gig in size).
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Animal Records.
  • Location Records.
  • Customer Records.
  • Visit requests / logs.
  • Invoicing and care requests.

Being a Microsoft product, it is compatible with Word, Excel and Outlook. This means that if you have an Office licence, you’ll have the ability to further expand your application to easily create email invoices, collection notifications and much more.

Standard Functionality

Our custom Stables software solution includes more functionality as standard than other applications on the market. Better still, we offer all of this at a lower price than our competitors. As the icing on the cake, it is user friendly and we will support you along the way.

  • Full Owner Profile / Owner Address / Contact Information. (Quickly and easily find your owners details).
  • Emergency Contact Details. (A designated space if accidents occur).
  • Fully GDPR compliant. (Take the stress out of how you store sensitive data).
  • Animal Records. (Maintain your horses easily with a designated space to document their details).
  • Animal Care Records. (Maintain your horse’s health with up-to-date records of their care appointments).
  • Full searching, iPad, iPhone and Android apps. (Input information when you’re at a out or offline with our mobile app).
  • Browser compatible (Chrome, Safari, Edge etc.).

Got a Microsoft Licence?

  • Export order lists to excel.
  • Email customers automatically when orders are ready to be collected.
  • Use Word to generate invoices if required.

Getting Started

So, if you would like to get started with your own Stables system today, why don’t you get in touch? We can have you up and running in as little as 14 days and help give you back your time.

Byte Sized Stables

If you already have Byte Sized Stables why don’t you join our Facebook group ? New technology can sometimes leave you with a few questions. This is why we set up our group for subscribers of Byte Sized Stables. Here you will find video guides and tutorials but more importantly, a place for you to ask questions.

It is also a place where you can discuss potential new features and expand your network.