Byte Sized Stables Version 1 is ready to go!

We’re really excited to announce that Version 1 of Byte Sized Stables has now left the starting post and is trotting it’s way to our first lot of users!

Within D365 Life Without Code, (who have developed Byte Sized Stables), 50% of the employees own horses. Between them, they have plenty of first-hand experience which has helped us to create our initial system. Find our more about what our system does here!

Byte Sized Stables is looking for Volunteers!

Who are we looking for?

With our inside knowledge, we believe that we have the foundation for a very good application. However, we would like to get more input from different liveries, to ensure that the system we have built is first class. In this respect, we are looking for volunteers from any of the below:

  • DIY, Part and Full Livery (x2).
  • Schooling, Breaking, Backing and Sales Livery (x1).
  • Competition Livery (x1).
  • Retirement Livery (x1).
  • Racing Yard (x1).
  • Other types of Livery Yard (x1).

What is in it for you?

Because we are looking for feedback on how we can enhance what we have already built, we don’t want you to pay the set-up charges as we appreciate your time and commitment to working with us to finalise our first-class system.

ItemStandard PriceVolunteer price
Monthly Licence (1 User)£68*£68*
Monthly Cost for a single Equine Owner (optional)£11*£8***
Get Started Package£720*£0
1 Day On-Site Set-Up and Training (optional)£350**£50**
2 Day On-Site Set-Up and Training (optional)£650*£100**
*All prices plus VAT | ** + Travel | *** Until September 2021, then £11*

We are located on the Cambridgeshire / Bedfordshire border. Travel within 40 miles is not charged.

Timescales / Partnership

We would ask you to put aside 2 hours every month, for 4 months, to be part of our online workshop.

Each workshop will aim to address a different part of the functionality. We will discuss what you like, what you don’t like and what you would potentially like to be implemented.

To ensure your place, we would need you to be available on these dates, as we are looking to get everybody up and running by the middle of June:

  • June, Tuesday 29th at 1pm.
  • July, Tuesday 27th at 1pm.
  • August, Tuesday 24th at 1pm.
  • September, Tuesday 28th at 1pm.

We are planning for the system to go live in October, at which point Byte Sized Stables will be available to everyone.

We would also ask you to be available for us to contact regarding Case Studies for us to document the journey. This would approximately take an hour of your time when is convenient for you.

Want to find out more?

Please drop an email to or contact Luca on 02081678365

Byte Sized Stables

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It is also a place where youcan discuss potential new features and expand your network.

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