Monthly Cost

Your monthly cost includes your licences, storage and access to our monthly Byte Size Butchers training sessions (one space per user) and our Facebook hosted support group. You need at least one user per shop.

  • 1 user = £48* per month.
  • 2 users = £58* per month.

Reducing your monthly cost

To reduce your monthly cost per user to £45* a month, for the first 6 months, you can submit a 6 month payment of £270*. Alternatively, you can opt to pay the full year, which reduces the amount to £40* a month, with a bulk payment of £480*.

Byte Size Butchers costs
Byte Size Butchers

Set-Up Cost

So, to get everything up and running, there is a one off cost of £452, plus VAT, which includes the following:

  • Importing templated stock items into the database.
  • A 1 hour ‘Get Started’ training session.

Additional Options

The monthly price should provide you with everything you need, but, if you need to expand the functionality, you might consider the following to further enhance your system.

  • Additional Users £10* per person, per month. (you need at least one user per month)
  • Multi locations £25* one off.
  • Additional help on data import of products £30* hour.
  • Additional Storage £30* per gig, per month (you may need this if you start uploading images and documents).
  • Integrated email from £4* a month (you will need your own domain name purchased, which we can advice on).
  • Microsoft Office Licence from £6* a month per user (allowing you to integrate spreadsheets / Word documents).
  • Setting up email notification when orders are ready for collection £75* one off.
  • Setting up Word Templates for orders £50* an hour to build / design and implement.

*All prices shown here are NET and VAT will be added.

How long will it take?

In most cases, we can get you up and running less than 14 days after your initial payment. We will complete your database within 1 working day of receiving payment. We will provide you with the templates for your existing data, and when you have sent them back to us, we aim to complete within 2 working days. And, if you need additional help on creating your product list, we are able to provide extra support for the cost shown above.

Byte Sized Butchers

Byte Sized Butchers is our own custom built Butchers Software Solution for managing orders and suppliers. Our solution is packed with functionality to make your life easier and reduce your admin time.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Holiday and set date orders
  • Meat Club (savings club)
  • Supplier Management
  • Customer Coupons
  • Multiple locations, including off-site availability (if required)
  • Plus lots more

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