Why are Deprecation Items important? Each year Microsoft bring out new features but, they also deprecate some of their older features. If you have used Dynamics for a few years then this Deprecation Items webinar will be for you.

Deprecation Items - What is due to be deprecated?
What is due to be deprecated?

The objective in this webinar will to be to discuss the items due for deprecation, how they can impact your build and the actions you need to take.

If after attending the webinar there are items you need to discuss about your own system then you can book in for a deprecation review by clicking here.

DON’T Leave it too late that you have no time to address issues and your system breaks!

Whats the Agenda?

This session will be broken down as follow

  • Overview of Deprecation Items
  • Discussion of the current know deprecated items
  • Ways they can be addressed / replaced
  • Dates (if known)

When is it running

This is a standard webinar with multiple sessions in the day.

  • 29th July
  • 23rd September
  • 27th January

Who are the speakers?

Claire Bristow from D365 Life Without Code both deliver this session and can advise you on what you need to address on your application to be able to keep working.

Claire Louise Bristow D365 life without code
Claire Bristow from D365 Life Without Code

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