Install the Email Management Solution in any non production environment so you can test / train full email functionality with no risk.


We’ve all been there. You have a development / Sandbox / training environment. Data is imported for testing and emails scrambled, but people using it have input real email addresses, and this means emails may be sent out ‘in error’.


Download our email management solution where you can identify a safe domain and test email address. Your problems will be solved! Every time an email address is entered it is checked against the safe domain. If it matches it stays, if not its replaced by the test email. We have 2 different solutions, one for Accounts and Contacts only and the other for all items – choose the one that will work for your environment.


Do remember to tell your users that you have installed it. Otherwise the email will keep changing when they are using the non production site.

What do I do now?

  1. Have a look on the blog
  2. Complete the form on here to get the Install Document and File
  3. Follow the install documents
  4. Look on the blog here if you want to extend it

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