About D365 Life Without Code. Claire Founder and Director and writer of blogs

Hi, my name is Claire and I am a D365 Geek, please let me tell you about D365 Life Without Code which I am the founder and director and our blogs.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my site. I call myself a D365 Geek as I started as a trainer and now design and build systems, write blogs and have published books about D365.

I’m very passionate about CRM and a non coding functional consultant. I have worked with dynamics since Version 1 / 3 and specialise using OOB functionality, in particular workflows, calculated cells and business rules to produce results that would previously only have been possible with code.

I have been using the new PowerApps interface since it first became available and have written many posts about it both here and on my linkedin. The geek side of me was very excited to get a new feature and to have it in a production build within half an hour of it being released!

OK I was working on the build and it popped-up as a new feature. As luck would have it it worked perfectly with the field I was placing on the form so there was a massive element of good timing but, none the less I was using it and writing about within 30 minutes 🙂


I love blogs! Around 2015 I applied to Microsoft to be a blog writer on their platform. CRM Life Without Code as a blog was born. My blogs were always based on using the functional components of CRM to obtain your results. When Microsoft re-branded and became Microsoft Dynamics D365, I became D365 Life Without Code.

The creation of D365 Life Without Code Limited

In December 2019 I started contracting. I had already built a few solutions that I was distributing for free. My first book was almost ready for publishing and I was planning to turn it into a training course. The time was right to create my own consultancy. Rather than finding a new name I decided to keep my blog name but turn it into a limited company. D365 life Without Code limited was born!

So that is a little About D365 Life Without Code and the name.

The Website

The aim for my website is not to amaze you with whizzy html (although it would be rather cool). Instead it should be a way for you to see what we do and get in touch. As an organisation we like to make money but, we also like to give back. Why don’t you follow us on Facebook / Linked In . You can also keep up-to-date with guides and news via our Blogs. Why don’t you sign up to our newsletter D365 Byte Sized using the form on this page.

I hope you find what I write helpful and thought provoking. If you would like to chat on services that I can offer please contact me.

Happy reading!

Claire 🙂

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