About D365 Life Without Code

Hi, my name is Claire and I am a D365 Geek!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my site. I call myself a D365 Geek as I started as a trainer and now design and build systems, write blogs and have published books about D365.

I’m very passionate about CRM and a non coding functional consultant. I have worked with dynamics since Version 1 / 3 and specialise using OOB functionality, in particular workflows, calculated cells and business rules to produce results that would previously only have been possible with code.

I have been using the new PowerApps interface since it first became available and have written many posts about it both here and on my linkedin …

I hope you find what I write helpful and thought provoking. If you would like to chat on services that I can offer please contact me.

Happy reading

Claire 🙂