What are Reusable Blocks?

If you use WordPress, you might have heard of the term ‘blocks’. These blocks are how you input anything from images to a new paragraph in your page.

One of the most handy of these blogs, however, are the ‘reusable blocks’!

You have the ability to create content, which can include hyperlinks or anything else you may need to attach to a post or page!

Examples of our blocks!

To give you an idea of how we use reusable blocks, take a look at the excerpts below!

Byte Sized Stables

If you already have Byte Sized Stables why don’t you join our Facebook group ? New technology can sometimes leave you with a few questions. Our group is set up for subscribers of Byte Sized Stables. Here you will find video guides and tutorials but more importantly, a place for you to ask questions.

It is also a place where youcan discuss potential new features and expand your network.

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More About Training

At D365 Life without code we believe in training. If you are confidant and competent with the application you use then you will get more from it. Although Dynamics can be built in a very user friendly clicking buttons is only a fraction of understanding the application. We deliver different courses and have books to help users bridge this gap. Have a look on our events page to find out more. To complement our course and to provide an alternative way of learning you can also purchase our books. They are are available on amazon as individual books but, if you would like a bundle have a look in our shop. we sell the bundles on a multi buy discount.

Why use blocks?

This is a really great way to input the information that you need in a page. And, it offers you the chance to synchronise your data across all your pages.

Check out more of our blog posts for other handy tips and tricks!