What are Product Groups?

Within your Byte Sized Stables software solution, you’re able to create groups for all your needs. These can include, but are not limited to product groups such as care items, service items and customer bundles.

So, as you can see in the screenshot below, the system keeps you up to date with the care items your animals need! You can always ensure you remain up to date with your animal’s needs with our Byte Sized Stables system.

Stables Product Groups

Product Items

With Byte Sized Stables, you can collate all the information of the product items you offer into the system!

Stables Product Items

Prices can be allocated against each of the individual items. And, you can even create bundles for your customers in this way!

The Scenario

With their DIY agreement with the Livery Yard Owner, Charlie is in charge of all of Tony’s care. However, Charlie also pays for products and items such as Tony’s grooming and his un-rug / re-rug.

Everything that the Livery Yard offers as a product or item is included in the overall cost for the five days a week Alice pays the livery to take care of Tony. On the two days a week that Alice pays for a DIY package, all the care is provided by Alice alone.

Similarly, Phil’s care is all provided by the Livery Yard, too.

To stay on top of all the care items that the horses need and what the animal owners respectively pay for, the grooms and Livery Yard Owner can simply check the Byte Sized Stable solution.

Byte Sized Stables

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