Meet the Horses

We believe that by combining a story based element we can explain things in a fun, meaningful way. See how with our horse scenario!

We understand that not all Liveries are the same, so we thought that before we take you through Byte Sized Stables, we would introduce you to the horses that we have developed to test our system.

From left to right: Tony, Meg and Phil

Horse One – Tony

Tony’s owner Charlie pays a monthly cost for Tony to live out in a field at a livery. So, this means they take all the responsibility for his care and routine. This is because they agreed upon a DIY package with the Livery Yard Owner.

Horse Two – Meg

Alice, Meg’s owner, agreed upon a Part-Livery package with their Livery Yard Owner. This provides Meg with five full days of care (Monday-Friday, in this particular case). On the two other days (the weekend in this case) Alice takes care of Meg herself. Meg is kept in a stable overnight but has access to a field during the day.

Alice pays her Livery Yard Owner for this service five days a week. This ensures that Meg’s needs are constantly being met when she is not available to do so herself.

Horse Three – Phil

Phil’s owner, Peter, pays his Livery Yard Owner for Full-Livery, seven days a week. Like Meg, Phil is kept in the stable but has access to a field during the day. As Peter has a busy schedule, the Livery Yard Owner is responsible for Phil’s care seven days a week. This was arranged as part of their agreement.

Why a Scenario?

After our book and training course Scenarios and Solutions for the D365 Super User – Book 1 met great success. This confirmed our belief that fact and fiction work well when combined and led to us creating our horse scenario.

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