What are Sale Invoices?

On either a weekly or monthly basis (or, anything in between, really) you’re able to generate your Sale Invoices for the equine owners that you work with!

We appreciate that owners might have more than just the one animal. So, although there will fundamentally be some items that are the same from invoice to invoice, there are some ad-hoc items that will need to be included. In order to address this, we built our system to allow functionality for both.

From left to right: Phil, Meg and Tony

How does it work for Phil and Tony?

We have collated the data of our horses, Tony, Meg and Phil and put this data into Byte Sized Stables. Because we’ve put their data into the system, the Livery Yard Owner and all the grooms (that have a licence) are able to view their details with just a click. And, with our added optional feature, our horse’s owners are able to log in via their own portals and see this information, too!

With their DIY package for horse Tony, Charlie receives an invoice on a monthly basis. Both they and the Livery Yard are able to view this with Byte Sized Stables and see where the invoice is raised or paid.

With his Full-Livery package, Peter is able to take care of his horse Phil even on the go. So, even when he is extremely busy, he can access his invoices that the Livery Yard Owner creates. If you have an office licence you can even automate the system to send Peter an email to tell him a new invoice is due to be paid.

Byte Sized Stables

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