What do we mean by ‘Location Management’?

With our system, Byte Sized Stables – Easy Stable Management, you have the ability to create your own location types. Whether it’s a field, a stable or otherwise, you’re able to reflect this in your own way. Our system allows you the option to be as detailed or as minimalistic as you like. So, our software solution is able to be as unique as your business.

What functionality is there within this?

As our system is fully adaptable to suit your needs, you’re able to create zones within your livery. This is one of the key ways that our system helps you to stay on top of your administrative maintenance.


The only limits you have is your vision and your livery’s layout. The system can support your unique footprint. Within these zones, you can then move on to create your actual locations.

So, for example, you could create a 6 block stable in Zone 1. To make things even more customisable, these zones can be called whatever you like! So, your system can be as unique as your business.

Location Management – Stables Map


When talking about fields (the grassy kind, I mean), you’re able to record on the system the capacity for that location.

Location Management

How does this help you?

You’re able to see how many animals are allocated to a specific location with your Stable solution. The system will then determine how many places are available in a location, and whether it is at full capacity. The system will only allow you to place an animal into a location if it has the capacity for said animal. As soon as you complete that move your horse will be ‘removed’ from its original location and placed in the new one. By opening the Location record on the system you can see all the current residents.

With Location History, you can view the previous places that an animal has been kept. This is updated automatically when you move an animal in the system. The location that they were previously in is decreased by one animal and the location that they move to increases.

The Scenario

Tony is kept on a DIY package, as was agreed upon by owner Charlie. Tony is kept in a field where water is made available to him. When Tony needs to be moved, the location history reflects not only the current field that he is in, but the previous ones that he has been in before.

Peter and Alice have their horses Phil and Meg on a Part-Livery and Full-Livery package. Both their horses are kept in stables overnight and are then moved from the stables to the field on a daily basis. To ensure the grooms are constantly updated on their whereabouts, the system includes the functionality to track these locations in Location History.

Byte Sized Stables

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