What are Equine Owner Records?

Every equine owner that your livery works with has their own record in the system. If you decide to take out the option, these owners can even get access to their record on the system as well! This way they can update their information themselves and feel involved in their horse’s care.

In a record, you have all the contact details for the owner, including their emergency contact’s information. In addition to this, there’s also an overview for all their animals (as we understand some owners will have more than one in your livery) their orders, visits and care records.

Byte Sized Stables – Owner Record

There’s not too much more to say about what Equine Owner Records entail. They pull in information from everywhere in the system and provide a single, simple screen where you can see all of your overviews.

There are also tabs running along the top, which delve a little deeper into the sales items and care records. Further information on this can be found in separate blogs.

Byte Sized Stables

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