Our New Byte Sized Business Solution

We are very pleased to present our new Byte Sized Business solution!

After the success of Byte Sized Butchers, where we brought the power of a CRM system used by global organisations to a small business, we decided to look for our next industry.

Over 50% of the employees at D365 Life Without Code own horses, and, knowing how the power of our systems could support a livery, we made the decision to create Version 1 of Byte Sized Stables!

In the next series of articles, we will take you through some of the key features of our Stable Solution.

  • Sales Invoices.
  • Products and Items.
  • Location Management.
  • Owner Records.
  • Visit Log.
  • Animal Records.
  • Animal Care Records.
  • Equestrian Organisations.

Our system has been developed to ensure that you, the stable owner, has complete control of what is going on at your stables. The system also offers you the ability to purchase licences on behalf of your owners. This enables them access to the system via the Owner portal, so they can keep their information up to date. Not only can they do this, however, but they are also able to request new services they would like to see, making sure everyone stays up to date.

Byte Sized Stables

If you already have Byte Sized Stables why don’t you join our Facebook group ? New technology can sometimes leave you with a few questions. Our group is set up for subscribers of Byte Sized Stables. Here you will find video guides and tutorials but more importantly, a place for you to ask questions.

It is also a place where you can discuss potential new features and expand your network.