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G. M. Gilbert Family Butchers
G. M. Gilbert Family Butchers

Byte Sized Butchers Explained

Back in July 1991, G. M. Gilbert Family Butchers was established at 60A The Highway. Their business continued to grow until they eventually had two different locations under their belt.

With the coming pressure of Christmas, they began looking into the applications available on the market. They needed something that would help to reduce the pressure on their paper-based ordering system. It was not until they began looking that they realised the serious gap in the market for systems that would fit both their needs and budget.

They put out a call on social media and were pointed towards D365 Life Without Code. The system was then created for them, around their specific needs. Doing so helped to ensure that Byte Sized Butchers’ software solution would include everything to make ordering and associated admin tasks as efficient as possible.

What the Byte Sized Butchers solution offers users

  • Input and manage customer orders.
  • Input and manage supplier orders.
  • Order Reports.
  • Easy-to-see order statuses.
  • Customer Coupons (coming soon).
  • Customer Rewards (coming soon).

Constraints of the Paper ordering system

Prior to investigating systems and installing our customer-built database, (later to be known as Byte Sized Butchers), Gilbert Family Butchers used a combination of paper records Excel spreadsheets to handle all the administrative details necessary for managing multiple orders. There were, however, many drawbacks to completing tasks in this way.

One of the main issues they found was the lack of ease in processing their data at the end of the working day. Every evening, they would have to transfer their paper notes from written to Microsoft Excel. With the data in Excel, they would then have to scroll through customers’ sensitive data before they were able to see what the order comprised of. Only then were they able to order the items from suppliers.

The long-winded method left plenty of room for error, took up a lot of admin time, and meant that they couldn’t print out their spreadsheets due to the formatting. In addition to these issues, the paper-based method incited risk of GDPR breaches.

Christmas was the biggest challenge, however. Known as this is the busiest time for Butchers, it made sense to implement a new way of doing things before the rush began.

Making the change

Some of the workers there were initially a little apprehensive about introducing Byte Sized Butchers to store. Feeling uneasy about change is normal, however, and D365 run multiple training programs to get users up to scratch with their software solution. After a few sessions with D365 Life Without Code, all in G. M. Gilbert Family Butchers were up to scratch with the system.

To prevent licencing struggles and use the system to its full potential with its desktop version, they ultimately decided to go ahead and purchase two Chromebooks. Overall, this ended up helping the efficiency of how they recorded orders in store, as they were originally using mobile phones to collate customer data.

G. M. Gilbert Family Butchers’ thoughts

“It completely transformed Christmas for us.”

It’s easy to underestimate how much time we spend doing administrative tasks when it comes to the busy times for ordering such as Christmas, New Year or Easter, particularly when you work in a Butcher shop.

Now that the team at G. M. Gilbert Family Butchers have made the switch from paper and Excel, they agree that having the ability to input an order into the system in less than a minute saves so much time and hassle when it comes to administrative tasks. Having a system that allows you to input your data simply and quickly has taken a lot of the stress out of busier times of year.

“I’d encourage every Butcher shop to use it – it’s a cost-effective solution and saves so much time.”

If you want to learn more about the different ways in which Byte Sized Butchers can save you time and headaches on your administration, then why not contact D365 Life Without Code and have a chat?

Gilbert Family Butchers Shop
G.M. Gilbert Family Butcher

Byte Sized Butchers

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