What do we mean by ‘Equestrian Organisation’?

In out other blogs, you might have noticed references to vets, groomers and dentists, etc. And, although they wont have direct access to the system, they are associated with the horses. For this reason, they’ll be linked throughout many of the records in the system.

In Byte Sized Stables, we have given you the ability to provide your equestrian owners with access to their records, but haven’t provided that for Equestrian Organisations.

Why the difference?

This system has the equestrian owner as the central part of the system as your contracts are with them, ( Charlie, Alice and Peter from our scenario). This system is designed to reduce your admin and make your and theirs life easier.

For this reason, we have consciously given our Byte Sized Stables system to show information about the equestrian owners you work with but haven’t designed the software to give them the access.

So what can you do?

In the application itself, you can set up a record for each individual organisation i.e. Franklin’s Farrier. Meg the horse can then show that Franklin’s farriers is her farrier.

From Franklin’s organisation page, you will be able to see all horses where they have been associated with.

How does this benefit you?

Equestrian Organisation
Equestrian Organisation

Alice has created a visit record, and says that Franklins Farriers is coming. You can then pull up a list of all the other owners whose horse use them, and, if you have an Office licence – contact them all and advise that they are coming. A win for the Farrier potentially adds more horses to see and less travel.

Byte Sized Stables

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