How Office Administrator Clare switched from stables to software

For thirty years before joining the D365 ranks, our Office Administrator Clare worked not with computers, but with animals. Before starting her current role, Clare hadn’t used much technology at all.

Following the pandemic, Clare began to help Claire (with an I) with the admin side of the growing business. Though she was nervous at first, Clare learnt that there was an easy method to how things can be completed.

Her confidence grew and now, Clare looks after a lot of the applications we use at D365! Though she says she could never have imagined being able to use the software, she now helps keep systems up to date!

By using the software, Clare can make sure we all remain on top of the tasks we need to complete. From training, to timesheets, Outlook and Dynamics, Clare now has the knowledge to ensure everything is running smoothly.

From Stables to Software

Using her knowledge to create Byte Sized Stables

Clare has also been integral to the creation of our systems Byte Sized Butchers and Byte Sized Stables. Though it’s a complete change in pace and direction from all Claire has known and done in the past, she says that she enjoys working on these systems.

Being able to combine her long-time love of animals with her new interest in technology has been rewarding for Clare. Using her inside knowledge, we have been able to create a system that is not only functional but includes everything a Livery Yard could need in its daily running.

“Having a system like Byte Sized Stables would have been amazing when I worked with horses. It keeps everything neat and tidy for you as there’s so much that Livery Yards need to keep track of.”

If you own a Livery Yard and want to get involved, have a look at this!

Learning the software

Being a part of the creation of these systems has also helped Clare to gain a better understanding of how Dynamics is run. After she grasped a basic understanding of how to navigate Dynamics, she found that her skills could be transferred across the systems, enabling her to understand more.

Clare says that were she still working at a stable she would still be nervous to use technology. However, she she gave it a change as it “wasn’t as difficult to grasp” as she thought.

“The program is so easy and self-explanatory to use that the knowledge just comes.”

Now that Clare has more confidence using the system, she says that no Livery Yard should ever be without it.

The videos that we created, which show how to get the most out of the system are “fantastic” and clear to follow. They provide an insight into the different ways you can use the system, so you can find the way that works for you.

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