The team behind Byte Sized Butchers

The team at D365 Life Without Code are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Byte Sized Butchers software solution. Here are some of the key people that have been working to help you optimise your administrative tasks!

Claire Bristow

Meet Claire, the creative brains behind Byte Sized Butchers! Claire (with an ‘i’!) has all the answers to whatever questions you may encounter. As a Dynamics expert and self-described ‘geek’, Claire created the Butchers software solution and continues to work on bringing out systems that help to reduce the time companies spend on admin.

Luca is our resident Sales Executive! With all the knowledge on just how Byte Sized Butchers can help your business, Luca works to ensure everyone has access to the data that they need. If you have any questions, Luca will connect you to the information that you require.

Luca Proietti
Cameo Neal

Cameo helps to produce the content for anything that needs to be written (including this, right now). a grammar geek at heart, Cameo ensures that all the guides for the Butchers system are coherent so that information can be accessed at any time. She was also involved in the writing of the Butchers book.

Byte Sized Butchers

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It is also a place where you can discuss potential new features and expand your network.

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