D365 Byte Sized end users
D365 Byte Sized end users: From £15 a month

This is a monthly 2 hour webinar aimed at a Dynamics end user with standard access. This is NOT designed for brand new users of the system.

Each month there will be a different topic we will discuss, demo and explore. You can then take the skills away and test and evolve what you’ve learnt on your own system. Some skills you learn you should not try on your production system. You should speak to your System Administrator to find out if there is an environment you can use to test or you can create a trial environment to try this on.

End User Prices

Pay As you go: £25*

Monthly Subscription: £15*


End user and Super user monthly subscription bundle: £30*

So that’s £30 monthly for 4 hours training!

Session Times

These sessions run on a Tuesday at 10 am and 5pm – you can choose monthly which session you attend.

*All prices are plus VAT

Whats Coming up?

JulyAdvanced FindAs an End user you want to see the information that is targeted to your needs. Lets explore Advanced finds to help you get the whats in it for me.
AugustChartsDo you use Charts as an end user? You may not as you don’t produce reports. However, there is a lot more to a chart than a report. In this session we will explore how else they can help you.
SeptemberDashboardsWhats in it for me? Your system may have been designed for management reporting but as an end user making your life easier will be more beneficial to you. Dashboards can help you achieve this.
OctoberEmail Templates Sick of writing the same email out, do you copy information from your CRM screen, do you have set text in a word document that you copy and paste? If the answer is yes then as an End User you will love this session.
NovemberFilters / Navigation / HeadachesExactly as it say, filters, navigation and headaches. Lets simplify how everything is / looks
DecemberConnectionsConnections – do you use them as an end user? An underloved section of the system that can bring you so many benefits. Lets look and see how they can benefit you.
JanuaryAccounts / ContactsAlmost every company has accounts and contacts but, are you making the most of your screen and how everything is connected?
FebruaryMarketing ListsWho is your target? Static or Dynamic lists, which are the way to go? Can you use lists for non marketing reasons.

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