Lets talk about training. People understanding how to confidently use a computer application and to know the implications of what happens is often the reason why items succeed or fail. We believe training is integral to any new build which is why we offer very basic training as part of our get started packages.

At D365 Life Without Code we offer a mix of both Public training courses and in house courses. As an organisation we primarily teach D365 Customer Engagement / Sales (although we also teach SharePoint, PowerApps and Power BI and all the office 365 suite) either through our courses or, we can create a bespoke course for your application. So whether you need some short courses to allow your users to become engaged, full implementation training or technical training to build / configure your own system we will be able to help you.

But what does that actually mean?

Our courses

Pilot Training course 5th March 2020

A series of courses for end users and system configurers to help you get the most out of your application. All of our courses are based on the books we have published. This means you can choose the method to suit your needs either purchase the books and read them, buy the books and the accompanying workbook and follow or attend a course based on the book. Everyone learns differently so hopefully we have given more than one option to get to the same goal.

  • Tips and Tricks For a D365 End User
  • We mind you matter – The Functional Build

Bespoke courses

This is anything you need which isn’t in our standard D365 courses. We can build bespoke courses for your needs / requirements.

This potentiall can also be covered by our guided support training.

Public Training

These are the courses that we run in a public venue and you pay a price per person to attend. These are ideal if you have less than 3 people from your organisation wanting to attend. Have a look at what’s on

In house training

If you have 3 or more people to attend or you need training on your own bespoke build rather than our set courses then In house is the solution for you. You pay by the day (and any prep time for your course to be built) and we deliver at your office.

Training Deployments

If you are working on a larger build and would like to have a complete bespoke training solution, we can provide personnel to work within your organisation on a full or part time basis to work with you to design your training courses and handouts for both UAT and end users. The training manger will also run the TTT (train the trainer ) courses to get other trainers up to speed to support the rollout if needed. Please speak to us on see how we can work with you in this respect.

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