I don’t know why but, I’ve always avoided the interactive dashboard. Today I have been working on our Lead Forensics Solution and decided to create an interactive dashboard for the Lead forensic activity entity (for a change) and I’m actually wondering why I haven’t used them more on other builds. I guess there are some new features that come out that solve a problem you had so you use them. I never had any customers using interactive experience so I never build interactive dashboards. Until today that is.

Lead Forensics Interactive Dashboard

As you can see below I have added 3 charts to my dashboard and 5 Streams. The data is still the same as a normal Dashboard but, I have to admit it is aesthetically more appealing.

Lead  Forensics Activity Interactive Dashboard
Lead Forensics Activity Interactive Dashboard

From the tiles you can click on one of them and get a record display which you can click and open the record so it definitely makes the process easier.

interactive dashboard - single tile selected
interactive dashboard – single tile selected

One of the other things I like (I can see myself starting to become a fan of this) is how you can use on various screen sizes and get the same experience. The screenshots here I took on my laptop screen, although I was previously developing on my mega wide screen monitor. Unlike with a standard dashboard I haven’t lost information off the screen, all of the tiles are still displayed.

Are there any differences in building an Interactive Dashboard

Probably the biggest difference is where you can create it. As I was creating one for my Lead Forensic Activity entity I did it from within the entity in my solution using the dashboards tab.

Selecting your interactive dashboard
Selecting your interactive dashboard

Once you have selected the type of dashboard you shouldn’t have any issues in working out what to click as the feel is the same as a regular dashboard. Although saying that, because you are in an entity adding views / charts now have one less step.

interactive dashboard design
interactive dashboard design

What are my top tips for build the interactive Dash Board

  1. Charts, without charts the top of the screen looks a little bit lonely 🙂
  2. Views, you need the views for the tiles. Luckily I enjoy views so I was already set at this point.
  3. Add a component in, save publish and have a look then come back and tweak
  4. Ohhh don’t forget to add it into your app if you are using an app so that all your users can find it

That’s probably all my thoughts on Interactive Dashboards and if you haven’t have a play with them yet because like me you havent had that need. Go give them a try. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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