5 steps to implementation success
5 steps to implementation success

If you are thinking about implementing Dynamics for the first time then our 5 Steps to implementation success should be helpful to you!

Step 1: What do you currently have

Whether you are migrating from another system or moving from whiteboards or excel we work with you to identify your business process and the data fields you need to populate.

Once we have that information we can then start to design how it will look on the screen and what of this information is in out of the box Dynamics and what we need to build.

All of this covers the entities, fields and forms.

Step 2: What would you like to automate

Now we are looking at business rules and workflows. Is there any ‘magic’ you need on screen i.e. if field A = “fred” then show field B and make field C mandatory? If so that’s a business rule. When field A = George – send an email to the customer based on this template. This is a workflow. A combination of Workflows and Business Rules on your system will start to make it work for you.

Step 3: What would you like to Report on

When we get to this stage we are looking at views, charts and dashboard. These are all the ways you can monitor what is happening in your organisation.

Step 4: The finishing touches

Apps are the different ways you can access your build.

Step 5: And finally

There is no point building your system if you don’t know how to use it so we will provide you with basic get started training remotely using teams.