Order efficiency is one of the many benefits from our Byte Sized Butcher application.

Food Orders

  • Functionality for customer pre orders (retails or trade)
  • Details of the store / date and status and have a sub grid showing all the items (food or lines) that have been ordered
  • Total cost of items
  • Snap shot of the customer including their meat club balance
  • Record a deposit for the order or choose to transfer a meat club deposit to an order

Food Order Lines

  • These are each individual product associated to an order and the status
  • The order reference carries through into this
  • Food Order default view
  • Food Order Record
  • Add in a new item
  • Total information

A list of your Orders

Food Order default view
Food Order default view

Creating orders is one stage, reviewing and finding them is equally as important.

  • From the main screen click on food orders on the left of the screen
  • You will now see all the active food orders on the right
  • If you want to find a specific order you can use the search field on the right
  • Type in either the order number or the name (as shown)
  • Hit enter on your keyboard to display the results
  • Click on the order number of the record you wish to open

The order Screen

Food Order Record
Food Order Record

This unique screen will show you all the information relating to the customers order

On the right hand side of the screen you will see the basic customer information including

  • Customer name
  • Order date, and shop shop
  • Whether it is collection or delivery
  • Deposit is hopefully self-explanatory and you can record a deposit amount here
  • If the customer has a meat club account, you can click and transfer the meant club amount into the order as a deposit

On the left hand side of the screen you will see all the items in the order

Adding a new item

Add in a new item
Add in a new item
  • In the items section on the screen you will see all the items currently on the order
  • On the top right of the section click on new food order line (if you cant see this click on the 3 dots first)
  • When you click on new food order line you will get a new screen on the right
  • There is minimal information to input at this time
  • Click in the item field and then start typing the name of the item
  • In this example we have typed GU for guinea fowl, however we could have also typed ST for standard and still been able to search and find
  • We can supplement this with a quantity, comments, and price
  • When you have completed all fields, this click on save and close and this will be added to the order
  • There is no limit to the number of items in a order

Total Section

Total information
Total information
  • A little lower down the screen there is a total section
  • The total fields will update daily. However, if you wish to force an update click on the little calculator icon
  • You will then see a recalculate button
  • Click on that and the items will be populated
  • Click on the calculate icon again and recalculate will be hidden again
  • If you then take a deposit enter that in the deposit field
  • Click on save and the balance will automatically be calculated

How does it look on an iPad

Byte Sized Butchers

Byte Sized Butchers is our own custom built Butchers software solution for managing orders and suppliers. Our solution is packed with functionality to make your life easier and reduce your admin time.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Christmas / New year / Easter and Ad hoc orders
  • Meat club (savings club)
  • Supplier management
  • Multiple locations, including off-site availability (if required)
  • Plus lots more

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