What is D365 life without Code – The Book?

D365 life without Code – The Book is a series of publications that together enhance your D365 experience. I started working on this project in 2019 and I’m now in the final editing stages. The exciting publishing date is getting closer!

In writing ‘the book’ I combined my love of D365 and my background as a Trainer. My aim is to give each end user the tools to configure a newly purchased D365 system for their individual organisations.

Our book(s) allow you to follow fictional company ‘We Mind You Matter’ as they embark on their D365 journey. Read about their practical application from the purchase of their bundle.

Note – These series of books will be launched from July 2020

Create a trial environment

The book(s) is/are hands on, therefore you will need a database to work on. Have a look at my blog Creating a D365 trial.

Each purchase is accompanied by a download key which enables you to access the files. Download files are available from this website when the books are live.

Do you want to attend a course?

If you would prefer to receive training to take you through everything, please contact me to advise me where you are and what you need so that I can give you some options to have a course either delivered by me or by one of my trainers.

If you are interested in becoming a D365 trainer, please contact me for more information

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