D365 life without Code – The Book

What is ‘the book’?

Well ‘the book’ isn’t just one item, its a series of different books that work together. It is something I started working on in 2019 and i’m in the final editing stages before publishing (and its getting rather exciting). The aim is to be published at the start of 2020

I put together my love of D365, my enjoyment in writing and my background as a Trainer and I decided to produce a book designed to help an end user take a newly purchased D365 system and configure it for their organisation.

My book series is different as rather than being in a functional format it follows a company call ‘We Mind You Matter’ from purchase and takes you through a journey of growth and development of the D365 application.

If you click on a link below and asked for a password (and it isn’t a download page) it is because the page hasn’t launched. Please come back soon 🙂

Create a trial environment

The books are hands on so you will need a trial environment to work on. Have a look on my blog on Creating a D365 trial.

The books are also accompanied with download files available from this website – when you purchase a book you will get a download key to access the files.

Do you want to attend a course?

If you like the idea of the format but would prefer to receive training to take you through everything – no worries, please contact me telling me where you are and what you need and I can give you some options for a course either delivered by myself or by one of my associate trainers.

If you are a trainer (wherever in the word) and would be interested in becoming a trainer – please contact me for more information