There are many reasons you may want to do this and if you have never done it before you may not know how to start.

Navigate to

Add in your email and phone number and click get started

Depending on if you have a Microsoft email and if you already have D365 environments set up the following screens will be different. Simply follow the information on the screen.

If you already have a current D365 instance you can go straight to and from there you can join an existing trial or create a new one.

I think I had 6 trials the other day before the create your own trial checkbox was disabled.

Did you know, if you are a partner, depending on the type of trial you are creating you can get a 90 day trial system

Trials are fab as they allow ‘us’ to test and play without risking production environments. However, please don’t abuse them – when you have finished delete. Although I said above I had 6 trials, that was for a day and then I was back to one.

So create, play and have fun 🙂