So you may have seen a few of my articles on the new format. It is fair to say that I like It isn’t perfect and you do need to switch back to Classic to complete things but, after 2 weeks of using it I am on board and using it as my primary tool.

I was asked by my colleague what were my 3 favourite items. Its slightly hard to restrict to 3 but here they are.

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1 – Views auto preview

Being able to see what you are building for a view just makes the entire experience better. you can play with your filters and see it works straight away.

More information in Whats your view on views?

2 – Schema name building

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Ok this is really the top of my list but I want to keep a little bit of credibility about me so I have put it second here. You type a display name and it creates the schema, you amend the display and it amends the schema. Even more exciting on Entities ti creates the plural for you. A little thing but I do love it!

More information in Finding your feet with fields & The Skinny on Solutions

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3 – Form screen size

When you are creating a form you can change the display so you can see how it will appear. WYSIWYG is here 🙂

More information in Are you informed on the new style forms

So that’s my top 3 items with autonumber and solution searching very close to making the spots.

If you have been using the new interface what are your top 3 items? If you haven’t been on there yet and have only read about it what are you looking forward to trying?