Not about the new this time but something ‘cute’ I found the other day. As an old school (i.e. pre business rule) person WorkFlows have always been my go to tool. Although real time is good sometimes it isn’t good enough and then you need to work out how to do the same function via a Business Rule to get the instant result.

The other week I had a lookup field that I wanted to clear instantly and a workflow wasn’t going to be reactive enough. Solution, create a field that will ‘clear’ the information and then a Business Rule to trigger it.

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For the Business rule, when start again = yes, the contact and text field would be cleared and (the important part) the start again would be set back to No.

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A quick 5 minutes and you have a screen being cleared out quickly and neatly. Give it a try!

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If you have any Business Rule tips that you love please share. Enjoy 🙂