Structured Supplier Information is one of the many benefits from our Byte Sized Butcher application.

Supplier Products

  • If you are wanting to link your suppliers into the system they are the first thing you need to create
  • Get your supplier on and then create the product group under them
  • Go into each product group as you create it and then create the product items

Supplier Order Lines

  • Get a list of all the items from a supplier
  • See the status of the order
  • Easily see what you need to order then when received ‘mark up’ with the Customers reference
  • Your Supplier Record
  • Product items (from the supplier screen)
  • Your Product Groups
  • Food order lines (from the supplier screen)
  • Multi select food order lines

Your supplier record

Your Supplier Record
Your Supplier Record

You can create your supplier on the system as an account. From this screen you can manage the items you stock, what has been ordered by customers and your status. This initial screen will give you the following information.

The left hand side of the supplier screen

  • Company Name, phone number, email and website
  • Full address
  • Map of location and the ability to go into bing maps to get directions

The middle section of the supplier screen

  • All the products for the supplier
  • Quick summary of orders

The right hand side of the supplier screen

  • Time line of activities (you can link phone calls and emails or set yourself reminders)
  • Contact section if you deal with specific people

Product Groups (in the supplier screen)

Your Product Groups
Your Product Groups

This section of the screen will show you all the information relating to the customers order

  • In the screen shot you will see we have created groups for chicken, Duck, eggs etc
  • Choose how you group items it could be by type or supplier so if you group is for a supplier you would only have a single entry here
  • You do not have to use groups

Product items (in the supplier screen)

Product items (from the supplier screen)
Product items (from the supplier screen)
  • These are the items under product groups and connected to this supplier
  • In the screen shots you will see that we break the product down
  • You will see a status of what has been ordered here as well against each item

Food Order lines (for the supplier)

Food order lines (from the supplier screen)
Food order lines (from the supplier screen)

The 3rd tab is the food order lines for the supplier. These are the individual items that customers have ordered for this supplier. From this tab you can see the following information.

  • The product item
  • Customer name
  • Order number / reference
  • The status of this order i.e., created / ordered / ready for collection / collected
  • When and where the order is form

Mark items as bulk ordered

Multi select food order lines
Multi select food order lines
  • Tick to the left of all the food order items for the supplier
  • Lines selected will turn blue
  • In this example we choose 6 items – there was previously one item with the ordered status
  • When you have selected everything you have ordered click on the edit button
  • You then get a pop up screen
  • Anything you do here will apply on all the selected items
  • Click in the Status reason field and you will get a dropdown
  • In this list choose supplier ordered
  • Now click on the change button at the bottom of the screen

You will now have marked all these items as supplier ordered

How does it look on an iPad

Byte Sized Butchers

Byte Sized Butchers is our own custom built Butchers software solution for managing orders and suppliers. Our solution is packed with functionality to make your life easier and reduce your admin time.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Christmas / New year / Easter and Ad hoc orders
  • Meat club (savings club)
  • Supplier management
  • Multiple locations, including off-site availability (if required)
  • Plus lots more

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