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Support Small Business

Support small business is a phrase that has been around for a while. Supporting small business is at the core of our values. It’s why we started D365 Life Without Code.

All too often a small business would look at a product like Dynamics and see the ‘customers using it’ and make the assumption its not for them as they are too small.

Our belief is that you are the ideal user!

Within a small business your time becomes very precious as you juggle every aspect of your organisation. Bringing in a CRM system can allow you to free up time to focus on what makes your company great.

Previously we wrote an article on what your time was worth and when, as a small business, you look at the outlay compared to employing someone to manually do the same work It can make you think rather differently.

Dynamics v’s PowerApps

This is a decision we can work with you on. What platform is better for you? Dynamics has full functionality of pipeline management and allows you to streamline you sales process. However, what if you are a trade and have plenty of orders but no pipeline? In which case PowerApps may be the tool for you.

Byte Sized Business

Recently we started working on our Byte Sized Business solutions which we are developing on Power Apps. The first one we have brought to market is Byte Sized Butchers. We were working with a Butchers local to our head office who had put out a plea on a local face book group. They wanted to get their December evenings back! There were specific Butchers Apps on the market but they didn’t quite do what was needed on the basic licences and to take the next licence up would have cost the 2 owners over £99 a month and £500- £2500 in set up costs. Although they recognised they wanted hours back, this was a huge outlay and commitment for a small business.

Together we built them a solution that was in technology terms simple but actually when you look at the functionality it provides it is massive!

Byte Sized Butchers
Byte Sized Butchers

Selling a Solution not selling a product

Support Small Business
Support Small Business

OK we may need to discuss the word selling here but it is the next part that is more important. We want to work with you to identify the correct solution for your requirements rather than just selling you a product. For some companies the use of Dynamics is 100% what they need without question. For others its a case of weighing everything up.

What ever product you decide is best for your needs, we work with you to provide a no code / low code solution that you can maintain yourself if you choose to.

We don’t expect you to know everything technically which is why we also offer our cost effective monthly Byte Size Training programme to allow you to develop those skills (if you choose to).

D365 Life Without Code is a small business so we love to support small business too. Dynamics / PowerApps is not just for large corporate companies. Although we do work with / support larger corporates as well, a small business is equally important to us.

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