Request control disabled? Does this resonate with you? Have you had this team trauma? If so read on get the control over teams back.

Confirming your global admin settings

Do you remember that time when you were in a Teams meeting, sharing a screen and you try and give / request control and it is all greyed out!

You have a little internet search and you are being sent to your admin settings to change your meeting policy to allow the content sharing for internal / external participants.

team admin settings to allow screen sharing and request control

That’s all very well but nothing changes! You restart Teams, you restart the computer and still nothing. The request control is still greyed out 🙁 You want to despair but fear not this ‘may’ be the answer.

Check your team settings

Another thing you can try is the settings in your teams client.

In teams click on your account then then choose settings
In teams click on your account then then choose settings
  • Now for some unknown reason on a few computers we had to tick the Disable GPU Hardware acceleration option. Although this was unticked on a lot of people and working we decided to tick on the persons computer that was sharing and person trying to request the control.
 tick the Disable GPU Hardware acceleration option
tick the Disable GPU Hardware acceleration option

A quick restart and it all worked! Happy people all round and no longer request control disabled 🙂

Why a teams blog?

As Microsoft Dynamics specialists most of our blogs are about Dynamics / D365. Although we don’t publicise everything as a company we are a Microsoft house. We are users of office, SharePoint, One Note and Teams. These applications all integrate with Dynamics so we have the control to manage work effectively and efficiently. We strongly believe in using what we ‘sell’. We Don’t just talk the talk we also walk the walk 🙂

Teams is an amazing tool and if you only know it as a web meeting you are missing a huge chunk of functionality. If you would like to talk to us on how Teams could be integrated into your organisation then please get in touch.

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