Competition time - Calling all artists
Competition time – Calling all artists

What is our competition?

So what is our competition?

At D365 life without code we have just launched a monthly training programme and we would like to have an AMAZING flyer / poster to advertise it. This is where you coming in. We need your help on creating this poster.

Who can enter

Do you have a child aged 15 or under? Are they an artist with either pen and paper or on a computer?

If the answer is yes to the above then they can enter.

It open to anyone in Europe and we have prizes for winners is all age groups (if you are outside of Europe you can enter but, we cant guarantee we can get the prize to you.

The final day for submissions is Friday the 26th June 2020.

The age groups for entries are

  • 7 and under
  • 8 – 11
  • 12 – 15

What are the prizes?

There are 5 prizes in total.

  • A mystery prize to the winning child in each of the age categories
  • An overall prize for our winner
  • For the winning child their ‘grown up’ (who found this is the first place can choose between 3 months on both the end and super user courses for free or 6 month for either the end user course or the super user course

What do we want?

Well we don’t actually know and that is why we need your help! The monthly training is training that is delivered monthly to customers. If you look on this page you will see the details of what our package is.

The poster needs to have

  • Our company name (D365 Life Without Code)
  • Our website
  • and either the email or phone number 0208 1678 365
  • What it is (Monthly training for end users £15, super users £20 or trainers £30 for Microsoft Dynamics)
  • An Amazing picture and design

How can you submit

Submitting is easy – just email in your entry to with your name and age. If you have done the poster on the computer attach the file or, if you have drawn it can you attach a photo of your drawing (you can do a second one holding it as well if you want)

You can submit as many entries as you like 🙂 Maybe try one on the computer and one on paper and submit both.

Where will the photos be?

We will show all photos in the competition Gallery & the winners will be in issue 3 of D365 Byte Sized

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