The right tools

If you have a new member of staff you ensure they have the correct technology hardware but are you actually giving them the right tools to do their role?

As you may be aware, at D365 Life Without code we believe training can make or break the success of an application. It goes without saying that if you know what you are doing it will make your life easier.

A few years ago, I was involved in a 900 user rollout in around 10 different countries. The organisation had invested heavily in the training side. I trained super users and key users in the first phase, with the super users delivering all future training to the same format, content, and more importantly message.

Something like this just costs time on an ongoing basis and this time is invaluable to the continued success of the application.

Ask yourself the following questions

You have a new person start in the company and you give them access to Dynamics. Then what?

  • Are there guides to show how things work?
  • Is everyone in your organisation trained to use the CRM application from the same person? (or with the same ‘course’)
  • Are they getting the same consistent message on how to use the system?
  • Do people know what their responsibility is on the system?
  • Is the impact on the system if people don’t do their task at the right time (or do it wrong)?
  • Do you have the correct onboarding allocating correct security roles?
  • Have all your staff got the right tools to succeed?

What do you need to do now?

Depending on what your answers are, do you have the knowledge in-house to resolve it? If so, will you commit to get it actioned? If not, how will you resolve this?

You can add your setup actions as fields in the user profile so you can indicate when each item has been achieved / actioned.

If you need another set of ears / opinion on what you need to / could do, please get in touch as we would be happy to chat or quote on how we can work together to help you create the best onboarding experience for your staff. After all, if it works it makes everyone’s life easier.

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