What is Screenpresso?

Screenpresso is an application by Learnpulse SAS which can help individuals and businesses capture both images and videos, create workplaces, and edit them. The application is a great option for startup companies, as all this functionality is available in one place. The interface is very simple and the product is generally easy to use! With Screenpresso, you are able to take both full-screen and region-based captures.

The screen capture tool is capable of taking scrolling screen captures, multiple formats of screengrabs and even videos with audio. For a full look at the included features, see below:

What features are included in Screenpresso?

Screenpresso comes packed with different features and there is the option to upgrade to the paid version at some point, too. The free version requires an active internet connection and it is important to note that screencast recordings are limited to 15s and are watermarked with Screenpresso’s logo before upgrading.

  • Multiple Ways to Capture
  • Scrolling Screen Capture
  • Screen Recording
  • File Sharing
  • Editing

Getting Started

Using Screenpresso couldn’t be easier. The application has an intuitive interface and, if you do ever find yourself stuck, you’re able to refer to Screenpresso’s user manuals! So, you’re never far from help.

  • To get started with Screenpresso, head to https://www.screenpresso.com/ and download the application.
  • Sign up and create an account for yourself.
  • Add any users, assign permissions, and you’re good to go!

Using the Application

You can use Screenpresso to capture your screen (screenshots) and take HD video screencasts. To open the application, either use the shortcut ‘Windows’ + ‘Print screen’ or just search for Screenpresso directly.

A variety of different shortcuts are available to use in the application. See the full list in the online user manuals!

Take a screenshot of your entire screen or just a region.
See your options in the toolbar.

Screenpresso is packed with great functionality! So, you’re able to complete most tasks in one location. You’re able to quickly and easily edit your screenshots within the app and create sharable documents from these. One of the most useful features, in our opinion, is the ability to see all your recent screenshots in one, single location.

See your screenshot history.

It’s easy to create these documents with Screenpresso’s log of previously taken screenshots. The built-in editor supports cropping, resizing, the adding in of shapes and text boxes, blurring tools and border effects. This helps to save you time in the long-run by allowing you to do as much in one place as you can. This is further propelled by how Screenpresso integrates with several online services such as Twitter, Gmail, Flickr, Facebook, and more.

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