Micro Office Huddle – 01.02.22

Micro Office Huddle is a completely free networking group that focuses on technology. Every Huddle features a ‘Technology Spotlight’. This is where a member will volunteer to showcase an area of technology that they are particularly passionate about. This way, everyone can gain new skills whilst simultaneously learning more about the individuals in attendance. We send out a copy of the PowerPoint slides with everyone’s introductions after each session. This Technology Spotlight was run by our content creator Cameo-Rose Neal and was all about the additional features Teams has to offer users with apps such as Tasks by Planner and To Do.

Tasks and Labels in MS Planner
Tasks by Planner and To Do

Technology Spotlight

Tasks by Planner and To Do is an app available to add to Microsoft Teams by Office 365. The application makes project management even easier by allowing you to see all your tasks in one place, collaborate with team members, and change the view to what is most convenient for you. The default board view provides users with a virtual Kanban board that can even be integrated with your other Office applications, such as Outlook, to keep the whole team updated. This means that when another users assigns you a task, or even comments on one of yours, you will be alerted via email. This board can be changed by individuals to present tasks in different ways (such as charts and schedules) which helps to maximise productivity.

404 Roundup

The 404 Roundup is the time where anyone in the Huddle can ask a question about an area of technology they’ve been struggling with. From there, the group will try and help with any tips we collectively have. Members can also share exciting new features they’ve recently discovered with the group. This Huddle, no one had any problems!

Micro office huddle
Micro Office Huddle

Coming Up / More Information

We’ve decided to run sessions on a monthly basis from now on and the next Huddle is scheduled to run on Tuesday the 1st of March 2022. Bhavika Dodiya, Cameo-Rose Neal, and Clare Parks will be leading the next Technology Spotlight on ‘Hands-free Typing’. Make sure to book your place for next week’s Huddle and join our Facebook group to stay up to date! We hope to see you there!

In the announcements on our Facebook group, we’ve set up a poll full of Technology Spotlight ideas! So, please feel free to add in anything else that you would like to learn some more about (or volunteer to run yourself!) and make sure to vote! We are prioritising topics based on what people would most like to see.

When will the Micro Office Huddle run?

The huddles will run on Tuesdays from 08:30 – 10:00. Join our Facebook group and sign up to join the huddle!

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