A look back on the last few months

We’ve had a very busy few months here at D365 Life Without Code! We introduced a new member of the team when Bhavika Dodiya joined our ranks as a Junior Business Analyst and have been continually working to bring you more great content!

By analysing business processes, Bhavika is able to help customers understand their obstacles, formulate the requirements, and deliver solutions. With her knowledge on Power Automate (previously MS Flow) we’ve been able to provide insights into how you can use the system to create flows.

Micro Office Advent

Throughout the month of December, we brought you a different Advent themed blog every working day. These included information on how you can make the most out of your technology, step-by-step guides for holiday themed projects and more tips and tricks for you to try at home!

Starting with our Festive Wrapping Paper blog (which teaches you how you can create your own wrapping paper for Christmas!) we released a new post each day to keep us all in the festive mood. In The Tools for Advent, we went through the blogs of the month and Cameo explained how she created the content for the series. For a look back at all the blogs we released in Advent, see our page, The Blogs of Advent.

Micro Office Huddle

Our Micro Office Huddles have continued and will now run on the first Tuesday of every month from 08:30 – 10:00. We created Micro Office Huddle to be a hub for members to talk about all things technology-related. It’s networking, but with a difference. The Huddles are completely free of charge and are open for anyone to join. We aim to inspire and provide insights into areas we’re knowledgeable about whilst continuing to learn, ourselves.

The Technology Spotlight is led by a different, volunteer member of the Huddle each week. This is where we can go into depth about a particular topic and share our unique experiences and knowledge!

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Office news

We enjoyed our first Christmas together as a team, complete with office Secret Santa and and a Chinese! Due to the increasing COVID restrictions, the team decided to go back to working partially from home to help facilitate a safe environment for everyone in the office.

We’re now happy to say we’re safely back in the office and are continuing on as usual! (We even treated ourselves to sandwiches from Platters once or twice)!

Platters St.Neots
Platters – St Neots

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