Micro Office Advent

Every day during the run up to Christmas, we shared a new festive blog post with a different tip. Take a look back through our Advent posts by browsing this page!

You can see the Advent calendar on the Micro Office Advent page.

What is Micro Office Huddle?

We created Micro Office Huddle to be a place for micro businesses and individuals to meet, come together, and exchange information about all things technology. By setting out to establish a community where users are able to collaborate and communicate, we were able to learn new skills and even expand our pre-existing passions.

Our weekly ‘Huddles’ are completely free and run every Tuesday from 08:30-10:00. Each week, any member of the group can volunteer to lead what we call the ‘Technology Spotlight’. This is where they can go into depth about an area of technology that excites them and showcase their knowledge. As a group, we can continue to grow and support each other with the hub of combined knowledge. It’s networking, but with a difference.

The Tools for Advent

Over the last three and a half weeks of Advent, we have brought you over 10,864 words, 17 festive blogs, and even some fun, holiday-themed jokes for the weekends!

We’ve each shared shared some of our tips from us to you every day of Advent but I thought I’d end this Christmas series by sharing how I created some of the content. I began my role at D365 Life Without Code as an apprentice Content Producer in March and have loved working on this project. Keep reading to see how I did it!

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Out of Office for Christmas

Want to properly switch off this holiday season to spend some needed time with your family? Did you know that you can set your Outlook up to send out automatic responses on your behalf? Let your clients know when you will be out of office automatically with Outlook’s out of office feature.

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Connect with Microsoft Translator

Do you have clients from around the globe? Want to wish them well or connect in a way they’ll appreciate? Microsoft Translator can help! Microsoft Translator is a multilingual translation service that can translate real-time conversations, menus, street signs and more—even whilst offline. 

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Azure Boards App for the Holidays

Working from a range of locations this holiday season? With Microsoft’s Azure Board extension in Teams, you can continue to work as normal and assign tasks when needed!

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Dictate Your Letters to Santa

Want to try a new and fun way of writing letters to Santa? Microsoft’s ‘Dictate’ feature presents a new and exciting way to use technology! Whether your kids use it to make their wish lists or you use it on the go for last-minute shopping lists, Dictate is a great feature to know about!

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Festive Email Signatures with Exclaimer

Do you want to add a festive touch to your email signatures this holiday season? With Exclaimer Cloud, you’re able to add in an image banner to be sent at the end of every email! This is perfect for adding a personalised touch to all emails this holiday season.

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Mail Merge for Holiday Cards

Want to send out some holiday cards to clients? By exporting your contacts’ details from Dynamics, you can complete a mail merge and save yourself a lot of much needed time this holiday!

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Thank-You Notes Made Easy

Do you lose track of who gave which gift to whom? Sometimes struggle to send thank-yous to the right people?

By using Microsoft Lens and OneNote together, second-guessing yourself can become a thing of the past.

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Planning for the Holidays

Want to create an organised plan for the season’s festivities? Juggling plans and tasks that need completing? Microsoft’s Tasks by Planner can help you to stay organised this holiday period!

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Goal Mapping for Mental Health – Marjorie Grant

Do you want to know how you can have a peaceful and Joyful Christmas where you learn how to stay mentally and physically healthy through the festive season and the new year?

Goal Mapping is where we can start.

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Linking Bookings to Your Facebook ‘Contact’ Button

Would you prefer it if your customers scheduled time in with you as their initial contact? By linking your Microsoft Bookings calendar to your Facebook page’s ‘Contact’ button, customers will be able to find the service they need directly and schedule time with you at their convenience. This saves you both time going back and forth and helps you to reach a solution more effectively!

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Winter Webinars

Need to host an online meeting which has a large capacity for attendees? Microsoft Teams now has the option to host webinars. These enable you to invite up to 1,000 people to attend an interactive Teams meeting (and up to 10,000 to join on a view-only basis).

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Connect Anywhere with Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Do you have a VoIP softphone? Are you planning to switch off for the holidays but suddenly need to make an important call to a customer? Microsoft 365 Business Voice can help. There are different ways to take your office landline out and about with you wherever you go. All you need is a device that Teams can be installed on and you’re good to go!

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Seasonal Surveys

Want to learn to create surveys so you can plan the best office festivities? Microsoft Forms can help! You’re able to create surveys, quizzes and polls easily and efficiently with Microsoft Forms! Stylise the appearance of the form to suit your needs and brand and share it with others!

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Holiday Homework

Have your children brought home an abundance of maths homework for you to help with? Whether they’re studying at primary, junior, or even senior level, Microsoft Maths Solver can be of use! Simply download the application from your mobile store to start!

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Festive Flows

Struggling to catch up on time this holiday season? Want to know how you could cut down on the repetitive tasks and manual activities? Power Automate can take your standard work processes and automate them for you with flows, allowing you to spend more time on what matters!

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Spice Up Your Spreadsheets with Sparklines

Sparklines have been around for a while in Microsoft Excel, yet they’re not typically searched for. This tends to be especially true when someone already knows how to create a table or chart to present their data in an easy-to-read format! But, sparklines are another great way to add something more.

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Make your own festive wrapping paper!

Festive Wrapping Paper with PowerPoint

Forgotten to buy wrapping paper for that work Secret Santa? Looking for ways to entertain the kids during the holidays? We’ve all been there. Here’s a quick solution for the last-minute gifters!

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