Using sparklines in Microsoft Excel

On the 2nd day of Advent, D365 saved me time…
By sharing more about Excel sparklines!

Do you want to add a bit of Christmas pizzazz to your spreadsheets?

No room for a chart but want to add some glamour?

You should be using sparklines!

Sparklines have been around for a while in Microsoft Excel, yet they’re not typically searched for. This tends to be especially true when someone already knows how to create a table or chart to present their data in an easy-to-read format! But, sparklines are another great way to add something more.

Why use sparklines?

So, what are the benefits of sparklines? Microsoft describes them as follows:

“A sparkline is a tiny chart in a worksheet cell that provides a visual representation of data. Use sparklines to show trends in a series of values, such as seasonal increases or decreases, economic cycles, or to highlight maximum and minimum values. Position a sparkline near its data for greatest impact.”

Lets look at the sales for a garden centre in November:

All the information is there but adding a sparkline will jazz it up!

Use sparklines to jazz up your data!


How to add a sparkline
  • Click into cell I2. Then, in the ‘Insert’ menu, navigate to where ‘Sparklines’ are grouped.

You have the option to insert either a ‘Line’, ‘Column’, or ‘Win / Loss’.

  • Click on the item you want (I’ve chosen ‘Line’!) and you will receive a pop up. Select the range (just as you would if using a sum function), then click on ‘OK’.
  • You now have a sparkline (mini chart) in cell I2. You will also see that you have a new menu option along the top.

You’re able to play around with the settings and make it your own style. Have a go and see what you can do!

Micro Office Advent

This is a quick and easy way to spice up your data and add in a visual for more effect!. For more tips and tricks like this make sure to take a look at our Micro Office Huddle group where we share free bits of information about all-things technology!

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