Switch off this holiday

On the 23rd day of Advent, D365 showed to me…
How to switch off for me and my team!

Want to properly switch off this holiday season to spend some needed time with your family? Did you know that you can set your Outlook up to send out automatic responses on your behalf?

Set up automatic replies in Outlook

Why use the out of office feature?

Let your clients know when you will be out of office automatically with Outlook’s out of office feature. This means that whenever anyone contacts you (whether they are a part of your organisation or not) they will receive an automatically generated response from you. You’re able to customise this response with whatever you like (which is perfect for directing colleagues and clients alike to who to turn to if their enquiry is urgent)!

Read on for the step by step process:

Turn on Automatic Replies

Using the Automatic Replies feature (out of office) you have the ability to pre-emptively set automatic replies to be sent only during a time range specified by you.

  • Open your Outlook application and navigate to the ‘File’ tab in the top ribbon.
  • From here, select ‘Automatic Replies (Out of Office)’.
Automatic Replies (Out of Office)
Automatic Replies option
  • This will open a window in which you can select whether you would like to send automatic replies or not.
  • Tick the box that indicates you would only like replies to be sent out during a specific time range if you are setting your out of office up in advance of when it’s needed.
    • Then, below this, indicate the desired time range.
Set automatic replies for specific time range
Set up automatic replies in advance

Write your message

You have the ability to write a different message for those in your organisation and those outside of it. This allows you to appropriately word your automatic responses when out of office.

Write your automated message
Write your message
  • Write your out of office message which will be automatically sent out to those inside your organisation.
  • Click into the second tab titled ‘Outside My Organisation’ and either paste your first message into it, or write a new one for external clients.
  • When you’re happy with your messages, click ‘OK’. If you have not selected for your automated replies to be sent out during a specific timeframe, any who contact you will receive your pre-written response.

And, you’re done!

Micro Office Advent

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