What is Microsoft Maths Solver?

On the 6th day of Advent, D365 shared with me…
A way to make maths homework easy!

Have your children brought home an abundance of maths homework for you to help with? Whether they’re studying at primary, junior, or even senior level, Microsoft Maths Solver can be of use! Simply download the application from your mobile store to start!

Microsoft Maths Solver

How could Microsoft Maths Solver help?

We came across Microsoft’s Maths Solver whilst trying to download Microsoft Lens, and discovered it was a new application we had never used before. So, naturally, we needed to download it and immediately get playing!

In a nutshell, Microsoft Maths Solver uses AI technology to allow the computer to solve your equations for you. But, it’s perfect for those who are studying as instead of just giving you the answer, it explains how the problem was solved!

Microsoft Maths Solver is also available online, so no matter how you prefer to study (or even if your phone has been taken away) you’ll be able to access help.

Getting Started

Getting started with Microsoft Maths Solver is simple! Just navigate to your app store and type in the name. Once downloaded, you’ll be presented with the different ways you can use the application. Whether you prefer to draw the equation directly into the app with your finger or snap a picture you’ve written down on paper, the AI will be able to recognise and solve your problem.

Set the language
Practice drawing equations
Explore and learn more!

Recognising Handwriting

In our experience, Microsoft Maths Solver has been pretty good at recognising our handwriting. However, if the AI does struggle to make sense of your work, you have the ability to go in and edit it within the system, itself.

To begin solving problems, simply draw your equation onto a piece of paper and then begin snapping away! Or, if you prefer, select to draw the equation into the app directly. As you can see from the screenshot to the right, we took a picture of a problem which the application then took and solved. We were then able to click the button to see the steps for the solution!

We’ve tested the Maths Solver up to high level and found it’s done a pretty good job so far! It can even draw graphs.

So, if you tend to struggle with work over the holidays, or want more ways to help your kids, why not download Microsoft Maths Solver to your phone or tablet and have a go?

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