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On the 10th day of Advent, we showed you how to look…
And link Bookings to your Facebook!

Would you prefer it if your customers scheduled time in with you as their initial contact? By linking your Microsoft Bookings calendar to your Facebook page’s ‘Contact’ button, customers will be able to find the service they need directly and schedule time with you at their convenience. This saves you both time going back and forth and helps you to reach a solution more effectively!

Please feel free to try all the linked examples in this blog. They are there to try but unfortunately, you wont meet get to meet Santa! 🙁

Our Christmas Bookings Calendar

What is Microsoft Bookings?

Microsoft Bookings is a web-based calendar and is one of the family of products created and owned by Microsoft. Bookings can be fully integrated with your other Office applications such as Outlook. The application allows you the ability to book in both in-person and virtual meetings. All online appointments created in Bookings will automatically be created with a unique meeting link which is sent to the relevant parties.

To read our full blog on all that Bookings does, click this link.

Your Booking Links

Within Bookings you can have links for both your services or your full calendar. This then gives you the power to decide which link you give to people. In the image above you can see the service we have for the meet and greet and you will see there is a link to it.


However, you will see from this screen shot that we aren’t in a specific service. Instead, we are in the full booking calendar and there is a URL for that as well.


Linking your Bookings page to Facebook

This is a blog on the webpage and you can see that we have the links to the Bookings page here. However, if you have a Facebook page, why don’t you link it to that?

You need to be an admin of your Facebook Page to get this to work.

From your page, click on ‘Add a Button’ on the right and then select ‘Sign Up’. (You can choose any of the items that allow you to enter a URL).

It is a simple as that and you’re done!

To give it a try, click on your button, and then choose ‘Test Button’.

You will then be taken to the Bookings page you created / linked. In this case, I am in the full booking.
Your customer just needs to select the service, then click on a date and they will be shown the available times.

And it is as simple as that to link your Bookings to Facebook!

If you would like to test the sign up link, have a look at out test Facebook page.

Micro Office Advent

Adding your Bookings page to Facebook helps you and your customers to save time! For more tips and tricks like this make sure to take a look at our Micro Office Huddle group where we share free bits of information about all-things technology!

This blog is the eighth in our Micro Office Advent! Make sure to check back on the page each day for more fun things just like this!

For more festive fun learning how else you can connect, take a look at yesterday’s post! To read the next post in the series, see here.

When will the Micro Office Huddle run?

The huddles will run on Tuesdays from 08:30 – 10:00. Join our Facebook group and sign up to join the huddle!

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