Export to OneNote from Microsoft Lens

On the 15th day of Advent, giving thanks to friends…
Was made easier with Microsoft Lens!

Do you lose track of who gave which gift to whom? Sometimes struggle to send thank-yous to the right people?

By using Microsoft Lens and OneNote together, second-guessing yourself can become a thing of the past.

What is Microsoft Lens?

At a base level, Microsoft Lens is an application which provides you with a portable scanner that can fit inside your pocket. Lens allows you to convert images into Word and PowerPoint files with ease and even enables you to save them as PDF documents. Offering more than just simple-scanning, Lens also recognises written text and directly extract this as editable with OCR (optical character recognition).

One of the great benefits to the app is, of course, the ease of integration with other Microsoft products. To read more about how to use lens, see our page!

Why use Lens and OneNote?

Although we’re aware that you can upload regular photos to your OneNote to create a catalogue of any gifts received, there are benefits to using Lens. With the Microsoft Lens application downloaded onto your mobile device, you can be assured that the information remains the same across all of your devices. This can prevent any mix-ups from occurring! The scan feature is perfect for quickly snapping legible shots of boxes!

How to export to OneNote

  • In the Microsoft Lens application, take a picture of the gift. (Or, to send to loved ones later, get a snap of your child holding it)!
  • If you’re happy with the composition, click ‘Confirm’ in the lower right.
  • This will bring up a selection of editing options for you to play with. Once happy, click ‘Done’ to be taken to the next screen.
Save the image to OneNote to access the screenshot across devices!
Save the image to OneNote to access the screenshot across devices!
  • This will take you to a page where you can name, save, and share your picture. You can see from the screenshot we named the image with who gave the gift!
  • To save the image to your OneNote, all you need to do is check the box and hit ‘Save’.

OneNote is excellent for keeping your pictures and screenshots handy across your multiple devices. You can even set the application up on your desktop to be used as your primary screen capture tool!

The perfect digital notebook, OneNote is great for jotting down reminders, recording audio, creating lists and much more! This is why we like to use it in connection with Lens to organise ourselves during the holidays.

Organise with OneNote

After you’ve shared the images from Lens to OneNote, they should sync in both your mobile device and desktop. This is where you can really utilise the applications to jot down any information you could need to remember!

In OneNote, you can use ‘Tags’ to help organise your notes further and even customise these options by heading into the ‘Home’ tab and clicking the drop-down arrow.

Add in tags!

You can see in the image below that we have decided to input the image alongside a check-list of things to do!

OneNote is like your digital notebook, and is perfect for recording small notes and things to remember. Name your notes for easy filing, add in the images and words that will help you to remember, and relieve holiday stress.

Record the details in OneNote.

Micro Office Advent

Microsoft Lens and OneNote are perfect for keeping track of your gifts to add a personalised touch to your thank you cards! For more tips and tricks like this make sure to take a look at our Micro Office Huddle group where we share free bits of information about all-things technology!

This blog is the eleventh in our Micro Office Advent! Make sure to check back on the page each day for more fun things just like this!

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