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With Notes and comments within the Dynamics entity instead of emails all users can see all relevant information.


By the end of this section you will know the steps to attach a note to an entity

Step by Step  

1.​​ Search for and open the entity you wish to attach the file to​

2.​ Click on the add tool bar

​3.​​ Click on add a note icon.

​4.​ From the popup screen you can title and then type your note (you also have the option of adding an attachment)

5.​​ When done you can click on Save and Close at the top of the popup​  

Your note is now attached – you can view this by clicking on the the notes and activities section in the top left hand navigation bar (this may only be called comments in some entities

Do you want to know more?

This tip is found in our Tips and Tricks for the End User book with full screen shots and steps.

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