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There are automatic links that you can use if you embed Dynamics into Outlook. These can not only improve quality but save you time when creating, too.

To ensure that you only have one record that remains up to date, its best to encourage people to not keep personal contacts in Outlook. Instead, it’s best to share your personal contacts in ‘Winning Work’.

Because of this two-way-synchronisation, any changes made within either Outlook or ‘Winning Work’ will automatically update all records.

This short guide will help you understand how to create a access a contact from within Dynamics to your own colleagues or Outlook.

How to access contacts in Dynamics

​1. In Dynamics, search for the contact you require.

​2. ​​Single click on the name so that the line is highlighted.

​3. ​​Click on the ‘assign’ icon.

​4. ​​Choose to assign either to yourself or search for another user. Then, click ‘Okay’. Now, this should appear in your Outlook (though, please be aware it might take 15 minutes).

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