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EqualsUse for an exact match
Does not equalShows records that don’t have the value you enter.
Contains dataHas any value in the field
Does not contain dataDoes not have any value in the field
ContainsUse for fields that include your search string but might also include other information.
Does not containEliminates records that do not contain the value you enter;
Begins with or Ends WithUse when you know what your value starts with / know it doesn’t start with, but not the exact text.
Does not begin with or Does not end withUse when you know what your value ends with / doesn’t end with, but not the exact text.
less thanUse for results that are less than the value you enter
greater thanUse when you want results that exceed the value you enter
Equals current UsersWhere the name is that of the person running the view (not the person creating it)


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