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Creating Opportunities with D365


Microsoft D365 offers many software features intended to make the running of your business even simpler. One of the ways they do this is by offering you a way to easily keep track of your data through creating Opportunities from the very onset of contact with clients. This short guide will begin to show you how to do this.

How to create an Opportunity with D365

  • Open Dynamics and Navigate to the Accounts screen.
  • When you get to this screen, perform a search for the Account the opportunity is with.
  • Click to create a new opportunity for the Account.​​​
  • Give the Opportunity a title you will remember​.
  • Complete the mandatory fields and press Save​.   

Want to find out more about creating opportunities with D365?

Find out more about creating opportunities using Dynamics with our book Tips and Tricks for a D365 end user which has extended guides and handy screenshots.

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