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Lead Tips and field information

” Naming leads
The name of a lead is needed and this will (if the lead is qualified) populate the initial name of the opportunity. The title of the lead should be (where possible) the same as it is written on donor websites etc. If you see there is a reference code, please document that in the reference field – this will make searching easier.
 Source of Funds / Beneficiary
When the lead is created (or updated) you can identify related Accounts in many ways. Two standard reasons are source of funds and / or beneficiary. This could be the same Account.
Correct identification here of both source of funds and recipient Accounts will allow reports and metrics to run a lot easier.
 Target Business Area
One or more business areas can be identified. The information here determines the views that this lead will be displayed in.
When the lead is converted to an opportunity this information is carried over and then the primary business area is selected.

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